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Same for Paul Karmiryan when he gave his female fans something else to scream about in a hip-hop routine created by and danced with Comfort Fedoke. Normally, you’d figure that Fik-Shun and Hayley being in the bottom four this week would leave Aaron and Jasmine a clear path to the finale, but Aaron wasn’t at his best in the jive on Tuesday and Hayley was brilliant in the rumba. Jasmine could still ride the momentum of an excellent hip-hop routine with the very popular tWitch into the finals. If so, Hayley at least went down swinging or undulating would be more like it. Article Continued Below The same could be said of Jenna Johnson, eliminated after repeated trips to the bottom the same night she danced her best routine of the season. Tucker Knox, Jenna’s show partner — and new best friend, she told host Cat Deeley — was eliminated with her. This was mildly surprising since Tucker is a better technical dancer than Fik-Shun, but Fik-Shun had never been in the bottom before; Tucker had. This week, the all-stars got to choreograph for as well as dance with the contestants, none more brilliantly than Wall and fellow all-star Mark Kanemura. Their numbers got the only standing ovations from the judges, unlike last week where there seemed to be springs in the judges’ chair.

Amy and Fik-Shun Win SYTYCD!

Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and education[ edit ] Napoleon was born October 17, He was raised in Victorville, California [1] as one of three siblings. Electric Boogaloo in Napoleon and his friends eventually attended a formal practice session on campus, and the cheerleading coach was so impressed with their work that they all received full scholarships to join the team.

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The routine almost makes Jason remove his blazer almost. Junior Champion in Latin Ballroom. Canadian hopeful Tate 12 is a workhorse who trains with the Alberta Ballet in the early morning, followed by schooling, then more training at night. Tapper Lucas 12 was put into a hip hop dance class when he was little, and loved being the only male. Jason agrees, however points out his facials were lacking. She is already on my nerves — image when she starts dating?!?

Joshua wants to buy a Lambo with the prize money, unless his parents force him to use it for college lame. They do a ballroom routine and you can immediately tell that he is better than she is. The jidges are a bit tough but, hey, so is the real world.

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Is it a case of runaway front-runners (Amy and Fik-Shun, obvi) who somehow seem above serious criticism — and beyond catching by their competitors? Do .

Aaron Turner and Fik-Shun Stegall both had some excellent moments, but the girls created mental images that are bound to linger after the season ends. Jasmine and Amy are about the most evenly matched female contestants I’ve seen on the series. But there are two things that could swing the vote Amy’s way come next Tuesday: As for the guys, Aaron and Fik-Shun both had high points.

Who wins will come down to which underdog story voters buy into most: Aaron, the Season 10 reject who got in on a fluke and triumphed; or Fik-Shun, the untrained dancer who grew throughout the season by leaps and bounds.

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Best Final Four Ever? It returned for its tenth season with just over five million viewers, which sounds decent enough, but nowhere near what it has done in the past. Most of that was due to Fox’s unwise decision to premiere the show during the more competitive May sweeps a first for the reality competition , but I still find it odd that it didn’t really catch on with audiences it averages about 4. I know, I know, all series — particularly ones from the reality genre — boast that the current season is the best ever but, really, Season 10 has truly been amazing.

Season 3 opens with Dave and Alex starting dating again, telling everyone they’re keeping it “cazsh.” When an unfortunate accident lands Penny in a full body .

That should be… fun? I do think that Alan is in danger, having lost his partner who might have helped get him a few more votes. Unless people are feeling sorry for him, I think Alan is definitely in the bottom three this week. Will they keep him around after his second repeat in the bottom? The question is, will they keep Bluprint around, knowing how well Fik-Shunn is doing in the competition?

Unless he starts tapping into something deeper, he might not last much longer. Staying alive in the competition is more than just being cute though, and Nico is going to need to deliver stronger dances in the future in order to really succeed in the competition. I think when he loses Alexis which will happen sooner rather than later , he might get paired with someone a bit stronger. I do think Paul is an interesting wildcard that could shake up the finale, and possibly lead to him winning his second SYTYCD competition.

What is interesting is that I believe Aaron benefits more from his pairing with Jasmine than Fik-Shun does from pairing with Amy.

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Like last year, the audition process—and Vegas Week—had a lot of fantastic moments. None of the contestants has made that full-scale grab with me that Eliana Girard, Melanie Moore and Joshua Allen have in previous seasons, but I have a great many favorites I am pulling for. Hip Hop Fik-Shun is the very first person in the room to walk the Mile…. I am not stupid, and neither is America. Extremely fitting that Twitch, who took three tries himself to get to the stage, was the one to deliver the good news.

Jul 11,  · Are you ready for the So You Think You Can Dance live shows that start tonight?!. The Top 10 finalists have been chosen — after thousands of .

Judges[ edit ] Series creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe returned as a member of the permanent judging panel, along with new permanent members Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. Format[ edit ] Season 12 featured a significant shift in format in that it was the first season where contestants were not selected based on their gender. Contestants were selected based on whether the competitor considered themselves a “Stage” dancer or a “Street” dancer.

Stage styles included ballet, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, latin and tap, while the Street styles included freestyle, break dancing, hip-hop, and krump. Previously, the Dancers were selected across all genres and were divided by gender, with ten men and ten women being selected for the Top Twenty. This new format allowed the judges to respond to the strong number of female street dancers, and resulted in the Top Twenty, being eleven female and nine male dancers.

Once the “Top 20” were selected the public voted on their favourite dancers and the three stage and three street dancers with fewest votes were in danger of elimination.

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Linda, who was wearing a low-cut dress, frankly said that the fee was ideal, and humbly said that it was not considered sexy: Was frightened by everyone’s reaction. Thought that the dress had something dirty on it! She has the qualifications to be sexy

How Amy Yakima and Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall captured America’s hearts—and the “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10 titles.

Judges do the initial selections, and then whittle the number down to a final The jurists, plus votes by viewers, then select a male and a female winner. Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner were the runners-up. The quartet will appear with the other top 10 finalists at the State Theatre in Cleveland on October 15 at 8: The tour started in East Lansing, Michigan on October 1.

The morning of that show I interviewed year old Turner, whose specialty is tap.

SYTYCD 10- Mac’s Top 16 Power List

Before the onslaught of new talent and amazing choreography arrives, I thought it would be fun to commemorate the first 10 seasons with my own list of 25 routines. I’ve been working on this list for nearly a year now! A couple of notes before the rundown: Season 1 routines are not included in this list, as I was in the process of moving from TX to D.

So You Think You Can Dance has crowned its tenth season winners. Hip-hop dancer Fik-Shun and jazz specialist Amy Yakima were named as this season’s champions by Cat Deeley on Tuesday’s (September.

The cruelest irony comes later, though, when the more fortunate ones have found work in jobs they think will last for a lifetime, only to discover that adult life is just like high school and all the same rules apply. All the personality types that made high school so unpleasant are found in business offices, politics, factories and, probably, at the Pentagon. And, in the current economic climate, the options are few and none … rebels without a cause need not apply.

Unemployment is a bitch. In this regard, Eighth Grade could be a documentary. The kids we meet here willingly share their ideas, joys, struggles, anxieties and depression electronically with friends and strangers, alike. Not all the feedback is reliable, helpful or wise, of course. Texting is limited to Western Union telegrams and video screens are only be found in living rooms.

Everyday reality provides all the drama the story needs. Neither did he feel the need the need to add a Jeff Spicoli surrogate for comic relief.

Nappytabs HipHop Routine Performed by Fik Shun & Amy (SYTYCD Top 20)