Classified ads album containing 177 postcards dating from 1930 s onwards

Share this article Share Some were printed by the suffrage societies promoting their cause and generally had a photograph of their leader on it. But the bulk were commercial comic postcards used by anti-suffragists to mock feminists and scaremonger of the dangers of letting women think for themselves. Without TV, radio or social media, critics used cheap colour-lithographed postcards to attack suffragettes, scaremonger and assert the status quo An estimated 4, different designs were produced on the subject of suffrage between and , when the postage was pennies Some were printed by the suffrage societies promoting their cause and generally had a photograph of their leader on it ‘The social pressures that resisted suffrage can’t be underestimated. Palczewski, a professor of women’s and gender studies at University of Northern Iowa told Collectors Weekly. The bulk were commercial comic postcards used by anti-suffragists to mock feminists and scaremonger of the dangers of letting women think for themselves In some postcards the Suffragettes are depicted as attractive, but scandalously sexually available like this one from The ‘Suffragette Madonna’ was a popular theme in anti-suffrage postcards ‘The assumption was, if you were out in public as a woman, unescorted, you were a prostitute. It was more broadly about women’s role in society. A large set of motto postcards was published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association itself in ‘The social pressures that resisted suffrage can’t be underestimated,’ said Catherine H. Palczewski, a professor of women’s and gender studies at University of Northern Iowa Some 92 years after women won the right to vote the gender gap is as wide as ever Female voters tend to lean left in elections and men right, but this month’s presidential race saw a much more obvious trend, with the total gender gap sitting at 18 points, compared to a point gap in An impressive 55 per cent voted to re-elect President Obama, while just 44 per cent of total female voters supported Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Many women were likely put off by the party’s old-fashioned stance on issues such as abortion and contraception.

End of the postcard as country’s oldest publisher closes due to rise of selfies

Tavernas Antissa village centre On the hills just before reaching Antissa is the lush monastery of Perivolis with flower-filled courtyards outside and faded 16th century frescoes inside the delightful church. Beyond is the mountain village of modern Antissa, or Andissa, where three enormous plane trees provide shade for several cafes and tavernas in the village square. The main road bypasses the village but signs welcome visitors to Antissa village centre, a quiet backwater with many of the local houses in need of some repair.

Picture Postcard Values is now the only UK produced publication. A fairly realistic price guide giving a good indication of what you should expect to pay for certain categories, though very few individual postcard issues are listed.

In between are neat piles of more than 5, postcards that light up every corner of England and Wales in high-gloss colour. There are the pretty thatched cottages of Godshill, the Isle of Wight, the floodlit and moated castles of north Wales, the daffodils and snow-covered valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, tin mines and Truro cathedral on Cornish Landmarks, the ponies of Dartmoor, and views of everything from the honeyed streets of Chipping Campden to the curve of the London Eye.

This modest factory in Sevenoaks, Kent, belongs to J Salmon Ltd, the country’s oldest surviving postcard seller. Doomsayers may claim that email, camera phones and so on inevitably sound the death knell for the snailmail postcard, but the Salmon family – still at the helm – beg to differ. This year, they will sell 20m postcards, which will be picked up by tourists, pensioners and even teenagers across England and Wales, for anything from 8p to 80p which buys an upmarket, white-bordered panorama card depicting “A peaceful day at Mevagissey, Cornwall” or “Golden light at Lizard Point”.

And the Salmons do not envisage the death of the postcard any time soon.

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All information is both welcome and requested. The purpose of this site is to provide a place where Stevengraph Collectors, or Antiques Collectors in general, can view a wide variety of Thomas Stevens products and similar products by other manufacturers. There are about 1, items currently illustrated here so far with more to add.

Please consider selling your collections or single items to us so that we can offer the most complete history of Thomas Stevens.

Terre Haute Postcards Postcard Publishers, Printers and Manufacturers. This list contains information on the the printers and publishers that produced the postcards with Terre Haute as their subject. Acmegraph Company. Based in Chicago, this company operated between and Adkins & Burnham Studio.

We all have old family photos. These may be loose or in albums or they may be in the form of postcards or even fragile black and grey glass negatives. So what about dating? Photography started in but at that time was really in the hands of a few scientists, professionals or wealthy amateurs. Not many family photographs exist from that era unless they are beautiful images on a polished silver plate that looks like a mirror.

These are daguerreotypes as invented by Daguerre in France. Around , photos were produced which were actually weak negatives on glass but, when backed with a dark material or black paint, appeared as normal positive images: Up to this stage, photos were generally one-offs, there was no negative and multiple copies were impracticable.

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Postcard Traders Association Stamps on Postcards – a guide to dating cards We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could and can! Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant ‘postcard rate’ of the period. Multiples of lower value stamps were often used, as were stamps higher than the required amount.

Prior to this date – pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as ‘Postal Stationery’ The size of cards varied throughout this period. Other countries followed in the years afterwards. The divided back allowed for one side of the card to be used for both the address and a message seperated by a central line.

Coimbra is located on the banks of the River Mondego. King Dinis founded the university in and the University Library of Biblioteca Joanina houses a collection of over , books dating .

The images show the famous strongholds sat peacefully in their idyllic and breathtaking locations across the country, from Dover to Durham. The nostalgic snaps, of which the originals date from between and , are evocative of a different era when the historic buildings had fewer visitors and information signs. However, it stands on the site of an earlier castle erected in the 12th Century. The castle was a key location during the revolt of Richard the Lionheart and others against King Henry II’s reign Dover Castle has been described as the ‘Key to England’ due to its defensive significance and location, on the south-easterly tip of Britain.

The site is believed to have been fortified since as far back as AD43, but it took recognisable shape during the 12th Century Another of the newer castles in Britain, Kingsgate Castle was built in Margate, Essex, by Lord Holland. It was converted into private residences in the s All the ancient forts, many of which are now open to the public for a fun family day out in the sun, are of course steeped in some altogether more gruesome history. Deal Castle in Kent played host to several battles during the Second English Civil War between and , initially being seized by pro-Royalist insurgents, only to be retaken by Parliamentary forces after months of fighting, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Philip’s Church, located close Arundel Castle, now serves as Arundel Cathedral after it was awarded such status in

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In the Post Office changed its rules and allowed: The message was to be written on the left-hand side of the back and the address on the right-hand side of the back. Great Britain was the first country to allow this practice. From around September onwards, postcard manufacturers began to issue cards with a line drawn down the middle of the back to show where the message and address should be written.

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From , this was a U. This allowed brighter colour printing that was also aided by the woven fabric texture. The linen texture enlivened the image by reflecting the light in multiple directions. At first, these postcards included a white border: Linen postcard with a white border. But this gradually disappeared as printing extended to the edges of the card: Linen postcard without a border.

Most linen postcard production stopped in with the start of World War Two, although some printers continued with this fabric-based printing stock until the early s. Introduced in , the modern chrome postcard, with richly coloured photographic images and no border on one side.

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Sunday, February 14, Hop Picking One of the articles that I read in my first copy of the SSG news letter in April was a very interesting article written by Brian Sulman about an order form postcard for a series of Salmon postcards on the subject of Hop Picking. On the obverse side of the postcard was the name and address of Mr. On the reverse side of the card was a list of 8 hop picking postcards that could be ordered with space for the name and address of the person ordering the postcards.

Unfortunately I have never come across this postcard or any like it. The cards listed on the reverse of the postcard were:

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Early history of postcards[ edit ] The claimed first printed picture postcard. Austrian postcard from Cards with messages had been sporadically created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services. The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card, posted in Fulham in London by the writer Theodore Hook to himself in , and bearing a penny black stamp.

Charlton of Philadelphia , who patented a postal card, and sold the rights to Hymen Lipman , whose postcards, complete with a decorated border, were labeled “Lipman’s postal card”. These cards had no images. In Britain , postcards without images were issued by the Post Office in , and were printed with a stamp as part of the design, which was included in the price of purchase. These cards came in two sizes.

Conlie was a training camp for soldiers in the Franco-Prussian war. The cards had a lithographed design printed on them containing emblematic images of piles of armaments on either side of a scroll topped by the arms of the Duchy of Brittany and the inscription “War of Souvenir of the National Defence. Cards showing images increased in number during the s.

Images of the newly built Eiffel Tower in and gave impetus to the postcard, leading to the so-called “golden age” of the picture postcard in years following the mid s.

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Cluna Studios Harcourt Street, Dublin. An artist studio established in by Gertrude M. Grew that produced a wide variety of items including jewellery, enameled metalwork, stencilled fabric, hand painted woodwork, calendars, prints, and postcards. She joined the studio in having been a student of the Metropolitan School of Art, Dublin. Another unusual card from Cluna Studios postally used in

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