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Usually only the simplest of patterns was used. Although the basic form of the 9 patch is very simple, consisting of nine equal squares, there are endless ways that the basic block can be varied. In the case of children’s quilts the simple version is more common. Quilt historian, Sandi Fox, points out, “But in the most original of children’s quilts, we find the piece is based not on the multiple variations at the quiltmakers’ command, but on the nine-patch in it’s purest and most fundamental form. For the same reason it is an easy quilt that children can have fun making today. It’s also a way to teach a child a bit of history. Crib and Doll Quilt Patterns Both the doll and crib quilts I’ve designed for you are made up of a combination of six inch and two inch 9 patches. If a child is making the doll quilt you might want to skip the small central nine patch.

Fashion Moments – Feed Sack Fabric

A History of Fashion in Headwear. The Art of Dress: Clothes and Society National Trust Enterprises, Barreto, Cristina and Martin Lancaster. Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion

Feb 25,  · Fabric Dating Kit: A Pocket Guide to Identifying Quilts & Other Textiles by Color, Fabric & Style by Cindy Brick Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide by Eileen Trestain Dating Fabrics 2: A Color Guide by Eileen Jahnke Trestain.

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Dating Fabrics 2: A Color Guide 1950-2000

My adventures in Quilting and Gardening Quilt Buyer Beware For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice. There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction quilt as long as the buyer knows that is what they are buying. They are machine pieced and hand quilted. If you are looking for a quilt for every day use these quilts are a good option.

Dating Fabrics 2, a Color Guide by Eileen Trestain is an in-depth reference to the fabrics of the more recent past. Tradition meets innovation in Sumiko .

From the mid s through the beginning of the s, products bought in bulk were packaged in colorful sacks made from cotton. And even though they are collectively referred to as feedsacks, the most common products packaged in the sacks were flour and sugar. In many areas, the fabric was referred to as “chicken linen. They also came in solid colors and border prints.

Sack packaging first appeared in the 19th century, but those sacks were made from white or unbleached muslin. Even so, the sacks were saved and reused, or they were cut and sewn into clothing and household goods. The printed and colored sacks came about as part of a clever marketing scheme. Someone at one of the many sack factories realized that they could sell more sacks if their sacks were somehow more desirable. The idea was that people would request printed sacks if they needed extra fabric to match a sack they already had.

The idea was successful and soon printed sacks were commonly used as packaging. Consumers loved them and soon many Americans were making everything from aprons to underwear from the bags. The bag manufacturers even distributed booklets like the one at the left, which gave suggestions for using the bags in different ways.

Women would trade bags with neighbors in order to get matching bags, or they would take a favored print with them as they went to the mill or store to hopefully find a match. Often the town bakery would sell the many bags it accumulated.

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Ann has a degree in anthropology and many years of experience working with vintage and antique textiles. She has a wealth of knowledge as can be seen on her blog and website and is so inspirational. My name is Ann Wasserman. Stephanie Ann has graciously invited me to write a bit about my experience with repairing and caring for antique quilts 30 years. I also have more recently begun repairing vintage clothing 5 years.

also the period of very simple cotton fabrics. Monochromatic prints in navy, red, cadet blue, claret, and 6 Eileen Jahnke Trestain, Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide ; American Quilter’s Society: Paducah, Kentucky, ,

It’s a hand-stitched 9″ square piece with a plain muslin backing. I do believe it was used as a doll quilt even though it is not quilted. The backing is sewn to the front all the way around the piece so I don’t think it was intended as a pillow case. It’s too thin to be a pot holder. I’m going to stick with doll quilt. I cracked open two of my books on dating fabrics to help me get a sense of its age.

I’m not going to determine decidedly, but I’d love to write down what I learned. It’s spiral bound and can easily fit inside a tote bag. My other favorite is large and heavy – it’s jam-packed with great photos and info- and deserves a place on your bookshelf if you’re at all interested in textiles.

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Source What is an Antique Many people have valuable antiques in their homes. Whether purchased or inherited, objects years old or older are considered to be antiques. Of course, plenty of people call that s dining room set antique but it is not. Interesting, desirable, older objects less than years old are collectibles.

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July 19, , I know Paula and Micaila have both done these very successfully. They will accommodate various sizes and can still look period. Children’s clothing can have tucks added, extra waistband width modified by moving a button, drawstring necklines and waists are options for the younger ones. At End of the Oregon Trail we tried to start migrating the inaccurate things to the visitor dress up box, modifying them if we could to a more correct shape, and updating the volunteer wardrobe to better accuracy.

When I was interpreting there, we started off with just the sack dress stereotypical and wildly inaccurate “prairie dress. It can be difficult to change that mentality, but not impossible. We started by replacing the undergarments to more accurate things. Rayon elastic waist petticoats updated to cotton ones with proper waistbands.

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Very Good – PO embossed sticker inside front cover. Over 1, color fabric swatches are shown in this handy, pocket-size reference guide. Simply match antique fabrics by selecting a time period and comparing colors and prints. Are you a fabric collector, quilt collector, appraiser, or antiques collector who needs to know specifics about fabrics or quilts? Then this book is for you It will help you identify, date, and recognize antique fabrics and their uses in quilts and clothing.

Over 1, color fabric swatches are listed in this handy, easy-to-use reference guide.

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