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What I find most interesting of all, is the extremity of opposing views on the early Korean Squier Stratocasters, first produced in Some say they were excellent; some say they were absolute rubbish. Very few guitars have polarised opinion in quite such a fashion on the basis of their quality. Lake Placid Blue was one of just four colours in which the original Korean Squier Strats were available. A quarter of a century is a long time. Not only that, but these inexpensive instruments have often changed hands numerous times. This leaves us in a situation where very often, the only component we can pretty unequivocally establish as being original to a specifically serial numbered Strat, is the neck. It is, however, very difficult indeed, if not completely impossible, to read any truth into this notion, other than the fact that one or two hardware components, such as the machineheads, were from a common source. Here are the numerous reasons why the theory seriously struggles to hold up… When Korean Squier production started, the Japanese FujiGen Gakki factory’s need for its own Strat parts did not evaporate.

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Jul 18,  · How to date Japanese, Mexican, USA, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian Squiers Pre dating is approximate. Japanese Squiers: For Japanese serial number dating see Fenders site.

That’s one of the founding principles behind Squier electric basses, which were created by Fender to make their legendary bass guitars accessible to every musician who wants to play one. With dozens of choices based on the Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Telecaster Bass and Jaguar Bass, Squier makes it easier than it’s ever been to get your hands on these classic instruments.

Squier has always been a name associated with strings, dating back to its origins building violins in the s. Later, the company moved on to making strings for all kinds of different instruments, including the guitar and bass. By , Squier had become the primary string maker for Fender, and within two years the company was brought into the Fender family. Growing competition from imitation brands gave Fender the opportunity to bring back the Squier name in , when they released a new line of Squier-branded instruments as affordable options to go toe-to-toe with the knock-offs.

Today, the Squier lineup is a well-respected and widely-endorsed part of Fender’s electric bass catalog. For the beginning bassist, Squier basses are the perfect way to get in on the ground floor of Fender design. Instruments like the Affinity Series Jazz Bass and Bronco Bass are excellent choices for a first bass, as they are easy to play and built to last. Squier also comes through in fine style for the more experienced musician looking for an economical road instrument with basses like the Vintage Modified line, which offers a Telecaster Bass and a fretless Jazz Bass, to name just two examples.

Even a signature instrument is well within the scope of Squier’s electric basses.

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This will be immediately apparent when you pick one up and check it out. These always have a heavy glossy neck finish and pearloid pickguard. I own a very nice looking and excellent playing purple JT Vintage Series with gold hardware. Fretwork is very well done. Pickups are quite decent. No real need to replace anything, unless you want to go with some particular pickups.

Fender Squier Affinity Strat Electric Guitar – 2 Tone Sunburst City of Toronto 08/10/ I am selling a Fender Squier Affinity Strat – 2 Tone Sunburst that was bought at LnM couple of years back.

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History[ edit ] V. Squier Company [ edit ] Jerome Bonaparte Squier , a young English immigrant who arrived in Battle Creek, Michigan , in the latter part of the 19th century, was a farmer and shoemaker who had learned the fine European art of violin making. He moved to Boston in , where he built and repaired violins with his son, Victor Carroll Squier. To this day, their violins are noted for their exceptional varnishes, and they command high prices as fine examples of early U.

Squier ranks among the best-known U. As his business grew, Squier moved the company to Lake Ave.

Mar 15,  · Mod Shop. Custom-design your own Fender instrument from your laptop, mobile device or favorite retailer.

About Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music. This has nothing to do with what models you choose or how much they cost. Some basic knowledge about the different wood types, neck and body profiles, pickups etc will help you in making the best choice.

However, over the last decade or so, the MIMs has gotten a considerable face lift and the overall quality is very high. In fact, the reason why they are cheaper, ha sless to do with quality but rather lower labour costs, cheaper type of laquer and apply methods etc. Japanese Fenders are considered to be above the Mexicans and perhaps even just as good as the US.

In the 80s and early 90s, Japanese Fenders were well known for being superior to any other models and the quality is still top notch.

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About Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music.

恋活アプリDatingの出会い! ヤマハアンプとアクセサリーセットと教則本がセットになったエレキギター入門セット Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster 2CS 2カラーサンバースト エレキギター 初心者 セット ヤマハアンプ テレキャスター.

This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell. Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely.

Some manufacturers merged or changed hands over the years which added to the confusion, sometime merging with another maker, only to pick up their name later. In some cases a manufacturer would farm out production to various manufacturers, making it still more difficult to know who made the guitar in your hands. Parts from other guitars would be used in the making of a particular badge for a period of time because it was all the manufacturer had to hand

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Bob Leggitt Sunday, 29 June There must have been some pretty frantic soul-searching at Fender in the mid s, especially in relation to the low and mid point areas of their price range. In the hands of the renowned FujiGen Gakki facility in Japan, prices of the mid point electric guitars had spiralled skyward, and the market was far too competitive to tolerate that.

Japan, once a country with everything to prove in the guitar market, was now a big power, and prices were finally reflecting that fact across the board. By , Fender Japan had literally moved up a tier in terms of budget. Fender were in fact already competing at the low end of the market with Chinese-made guitars, but they were sub-branded with the Sunn label, and Sunn was a very different proposition from Squier.

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Design developments[ edit ] The Fender Stratocaster was the first guitar to feature three pickups and a spring tension vibrato system , as well as being the first Fender with a contoured body. The Stratocaster’s double cutaways allowed players easier access to higher positions on the neck. In , Fender began using alder for sunburst and most custom color Stratocaster bodies; ash was still used on translucent blonde instruments.

A unique single-ply, 8-screw hole white pickguard held all electronic components except the recessed jack plate—facilitating easy assembly. Original Stratocasters were manufactured with five tremolo springs, allowing the bridge set up to “float”. In the floating position, players can move the bridge-mounted tremolo arm up or down to modulate the pitch of the notes being played. Hank Marvin , [8] Jeff Beck [9] and Ike Turner [10] have used the Stratocaster’s floating vibrato extensively in their playing.

As string gauges have changed, players have experimented with the number of tremolo springs, and as the average gauge has decreased over the years, modern Stratocasters are equipped with three springs as a stock option in order to counteract the reduced string tension.

Squire transformed into a Yngwie Malmsteen strat