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Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA hereby revises the construction industry safety standards which regulate the design, construction, and use of scaffolds. The final rule updates the existing scaffold standards and sets performance-oriented criteria, where possible, to protect employees from scaffold-related hazards such as falls, falling objects, structural instability, electrocution and overloading.

In particular, the final rule has been updated to address types of scaffolds–such as catenary scaffolds, step and trestle ladder scaffolds, and multi-level suspended scaffolds–not covered by OSHA’s existing scaffold standards. In addition, the final rule allows employers greater flexibility in the use of fall protection systems to protect employees working on scaffolds and extends fall protection to erectors and dismantlers of scaffolds to the extent feasible. Another area that the final rule strengthens is training for workers using scaffolds; the conditions under which such employees must be retrained are also specified in the final rule.

Finally, the language of the rule has been simplified, duplicative and outdated provisions have been eliminated, overlapping requirements have been consolidated, and the performance orientation of the rule has been enhanced to allow employers as much flexibility in compliance as is consistent with employee protection. The incorporations by reference of certain publications listed in this final rule are approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of November 29,

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Share this article Share Mr Weir revealed that in total they took eight suitcases with them overseas, three of his the ‘size of Ford Focuses’ and three of Miss Lipinski’s the ‘size of Audi S4s. They have been staying in adjoining rooms in the Olympic village and several videos on Instagram show them having quick meetings before deciding what to wear. And now the former Team USA figure skaters-turned-broadcasters have revealed that they took six ‘car-sized’ suitcases to Russia in a bid to keep viewers entertained with their quirky on-air looks Ready for action: Before going on air, Mr Weir has shared his high-fashion looks with fans via Instagram The charismatic duo have been providing commentary on the figure skating section of the Winter Olympics since the beginning of February and their assignment is due to end this week.

Mr Weir said that he and Miss Lipinski wanted to dress to impress because they felt like they were ‘new kids on the block’ and needed to prove themselves. They also wanted to use fashion as a way of getting more people interested in their sport.

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I held it, stared at it, looked at the price card, then back at the phone, and then down at the price card again. Reality began to set in. I was locked into a contract with my Sony-Ericsson feature phone for another six months. I walked out of the store with my dinky little flip phone feeling defeated. Of course I have – so have most people.

Getting around iOS was just different enough that brief, two or three minute-long experiences never quite got me used to it. The iPads introduced me to basic iOS conventions, but the way I used those devices was fairly different from the way you might use a smartphone. The truth of it is that they were really just glorified web browsers, video screens, and Kindle readers. So, when my iPhone X arrived last week, I did something I never had: I started using an iPhone as my personal phone.

The whole process of transferring things just sounded cumbersome, and I never trust utilities like this to do a good job. It would be easier, I decided, to just start fresh on my new phone. I signed into my Apple account and began to set up Face ID. Do I miss my fingerprint scanner?

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The older attendees are generally grandparents, parents, siblings or first cousins while the youngest could be second, third or fourth cousins. It is also not uncommon for regular family reunions to be sponsored by family organizations or family associations centered on a more distant common ancestor or a commonly shared surname”. That said, whether you are planning a large event or a small casual get-together, a successful family reunion requires careful planning and execution.

This booklet will help you plan a successful reunion for your family, reducing your stress and resulting in a memorable reunion that your extended family will enjoy and appreciate. Fast forward to the 21st century and it seems that ‘what’s old is new again’ with storytelling one of the hot buzz words. The fact is that oral history and storytelling involves family, and ancestry has been around ever since humans walked the earth.

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And also because I feel jealous over him, so it shows we care equally. I don’t think it’s fair for people to try and make you feel jealous, but I do think jealousy is a natural feeling to have if you’re intimately involved with someone, because it comes from a fear of losing them, or having them ‘taken away’. It’s probably not a very mature feeling, but it’s also reflective of the reality that you can never truly be secure with another person, and that possibility that someone else might come along who is better for them is always out there, no matter how long you’ve been together.

If you don’t feel at ALL jealous, then But if the women you are going out with expect you to be jealous when they go out with their friends?? Then maybe they have a warped idea of what is healthy in a relationship.

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Was this information helpful? Powerful cleaning on low-pile carpets and hardwood floors Floor kit handle: Designed for easy maneuverability and an effortless swiveling Power brush: Contains an air-driven brushroll for deep cleaning upholstery, stairs, pet hair, and even auto interiors Upholstery brush: Engineered to quickly and easily remove pet hair from upholstery Dusting brush:

The use of methods from biological and earth sciences has transformed the practice of archaeology from the discovery of radiocarbon dating to the use of stable isotope analysis to trace the movements and diet of past populations.

All of us, especially me being the driver were all exhausted and hungry after 6 hours of continuous driving aside from not getting any sleep at all as we left Winnipeg just after 2: With the 7 Customer Promise Coupons with me, I headed down to the counter and told them that I want to get coffee and hot chocolate and use the Coupons. Not only I was not greeted when I approached the counter, I was insulted and humiliated when all the 4 of them at the counter looked at me and started asking questions all at the same time as if I stole something and I felt like I was in an interrogation room.

All of the attendants were talking in their native language “Tagalog” which I understand because I am from the same country where they came from in their loud voices while all the other customers are looking and staring at them trying to figure out what are they saying, which for me is extreme rudeness. We myself and my kids ended up going back to our car with our coffee and hot chocolate.

My kids complained why I didn’t order and buy breakfast, I told them I just want to get out of the place as I felt so insulted. My heart was still pounding from the insult even after we got back here in Calgary. The experience was so bad that I can vividly recall their insulting faces and their loud and arrogant voices. Because of the terrible experience, I wasn’t even able to eat my dinner when I was already in front of a hot and warm meal, I can still feel and hear their insults. The staffs at that Tim Hortons location needs to be properly trained on customer service or it’s going to ruin the reputation of the whole company.

Not only they don’t greet the customer, they are oblivious of the customers staring at them while they talk in their native language, they don’t know how to be polite, and they don’t even know how to say the most popular words “thank you”.

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October, A five site study into the development of a national strategy for violence prevention and the girl child. Gillies, Masters Student in Sociology; W. March, End Date: April, The aim of this study is to follow criminal justice intervention in historical abuse cases. All historical abuse cases reported to the Winnipeg Police from to were followed from police investigation, through court to sentencing. Socialization of Non-Violence in the Family:

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And why should you care? Today, the weight of a fly line is measured in a tiny unit called grains. Rather helpfully, the fly line manufacturers came up with a numbering system that helped how heavy or light a particular fly line is. This numbering system runs from 1 ultralight to 14 and beyond heavy. Actually, it’s important to understand this concept.

Remember, in fly fishing, it is the weight of the fly line that casts the fly! If you choose the wrong weight fly line for the types of flies you plan on using, you are going to have many, many problems when it comes to casting and control. Thus, if you put on a tiny size 14 dry fly onto a fly line that has a weight of 7, control will be lost and when the fly hits the water – it will hit it with a splash due to the heavy weight of the line which pulls the fly down harder.

Conversely, attach a heavy fly to a fly line that has a light weight – and the fly will literally go all over the place. Control will be next to impossible and, once again, the fly will crash into the water.

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