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Since a young age he’s been alone and on his own. The blonde met Kyuubi one day after a village beating and after hearing her explanation he asks her to be his sensei and teahc him the ways of the shinobi. It was also because of this encounter that he managed to bump into the Inuzuka Matriarch, Tsume Inuzuka, and her daughter, Hana Inuzuka. Naruto is currently Tsume’s boyfriend, lover, and mate. Thanks to Kyuubi’s training, Naruto is more talented than anybody his age. He has affinities in all the elements like wind, water, fire, earth and lightning. Kyuubi has also given Naruto a newly made dojutsu known as the Shinseinagan. Thanks to this, Naurto has been able to acquire bloodlines from others that are normally surprised at the fact.

Developing Trust – A Naruto X Kurenai fanfic

See how this one event changes the future and why a kunoichi’s pride can be the most deadly weapon ever. We will stop at noon and I’ll go get lunch while your clones continue to work and you will sit here and rest until I return. I’m not going to lie to you so I’ll just be blunt. There is no way between now and the finals you can get fast enough to get inside of Neji guard to attack him unless your willing to take a lot of damage that could cost you the match.

When Kakashi spots Kurenai and Asuma together at a dumpling shop and asks if they’re dating Kurenai uses the excuse that she’s just getting some dumplings for Anko. Something you’d do for a friend, not just for a vague colleague.

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Kurenai Yūhi

Contents Background Kurenai as a genin. As a child, Kurenai met Asuma Sarutobi during the Academy entrance ceremony and graduated at age 9. During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s Attack , Kurenai, Kakashi, Asuma and Guy were amongst the young ninja that wanted to help in repelling the beast , but the group was barred from participating by the older shinobi, one of whom was her own father. Though she protested greatly about this, her father told her that this wasn’t war but an internal village issue and as they were shinobi, their lives were brief and that she should live long enough to ensure that the next generation would come about that would inherit the Will of Fire.

In the anime, because of Kurenai’s natural talent for genjutsu, the Third Hokage tasked Kurenai with helping to train Yakumo Kurama , another talented genjutsu user who longed to be a ninja.

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The Truth in Our Eyes by Shuricant reviews Sarada Uchiha, one of the two only elves left on the planet, is currently in hiding. She goes by a different name and keeps her sharp ears hidden. Every four years the Uzumakis, the royal family of Konoha, host a ball and invite all the noble families and lords in Konoha. Watch Naruto with abilities that of a Dragon, rock the foundation of Elemental Nation. Full Summary Inside Rated: T – English – Adventure – Chapters: After years of devotion, Sakura hopes her love will finally be returned.

But when Sasuke leaves her devastated and a new threat leaves her fighting for life, Kakashi is forced to confront feelings he never thought possible while Sakura slowly realizes that fairy tales are found where we least expect them. Should he let it get to him? But that would be too troublesome. Episode for reference if you haven’t watched these episodes, there will be spoilers. Naruko receives a note at night and decides what to do with it.

Naruto x Kurenai Summary: After Naruto managed to retrieve Sasuke, the council and a certain Haruno blamed him from almost killing the precious Uchiha. Now, Naruto,a chunnin from Konoha changes dramatically, dropping his emotional mask and put on the mask of war. Chapter 2 — ANBU’s test On the next day, Naruto awoke and went out of his bedroom to a little passageway that showed a great view of Konoha’s neighborhood as he soft gust of wind passed through his face and literally blew all his worries of the world even if was only for a second.

His only duty today was to showing at ANBU headquarters for his test in the afternoon.

Naruto and kurenai dating fanfiction – How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who’ve tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide.

Demon God of Chaos Naruto goes to date Naruto with a lot of women I don’ own this… due to ample reviews I have decided to do another chapter in which another date will be featured with another woman…A red-eyed one, to be exact… 50 or morereviews should be nice for the next chapter, provided that you still like the story… Kurenai’s date She looked blearily at the assembled woman in front of her and groaned as she realized that she would have to head this meeting between the women’s association, something about the lack of Shinobi men wanting to date kunoichi.

She could still feel the feeling of his lips on her neck and she just stared at the gathered woman, not really registering anything. Do you have any idea about any available guys to date who isn’t involved with anyone? I’ve been a little bit distracted as of late…” Shizune looked at her boss, an amused smile on her face. I was approached by the guy in question as he was feeling a little uncertain abut his dating skills. I used a clever henge to disguise myself for a bit since the age gap is rather large between us, and I shouldn’t let the people get the idea that I’m robbing the cradle.

We even went out and strolled through the park for a bit, until finally settling down on a bench and kissing for a bit… I teleported back to the tower to finish some work and then went to bed…” She finished her retelling and the women looked at her and said. It’s rare that guys want to hear about our side of the date, never mind them asking about dating…” Hana spoke, her voice carrying some disbelief… “He’s a very special guy, Hana-san.

Kurenai was no exception at first, but a few years after the 4th Shinobi War, she begins to see Rating raised to M for references to Zetsu’s cannibalism. I do not own Naruto.

Naruto had wanted to create his own path, very different from the one that Kurama had shown him –married to a girl he didn’t love and trapped in a job he hated– and to give Sasuke a true chance at .

Rorschach’s Blot A place for odd story bits that drip out of my brain. Fiction M – English – Chapters: Notice that I used all caps for emphasis, I’m fairly sure that’s one of the things that all the good books on writing tell you to never do. Anko’s Boyfriend Anko growled in frustration as she got turned down yet again.

First she can’t get a date because of who her master IS and then, after she’s finally out from under his thumb, she can’t get a date because of who he WAS. Dirty traitor, yet another thing he’d done to ruin her life.

Even though it was dark he could make out two things about the two people walking towards him one both were wearing conical straw hats with small spike-like balls hanging down to cover their faces the other thing was, both were wearing dark cloaks, with chin-high collars that also covered their faces One word popped into his mind as he drifted into unconsciousness “Akatsuki!

The Princess was extremely beautiful although she did not wear expensive clothes, jewelry, or makeup like most Princesses. Instead, she wore a simple, yet elegant purple Kimono with red slash around her waist.

Kurenai looked at Naruto with a single raised questioning eyebrow, “A ‘Naruto Special’?” Naruto grinned somewhat sheepishly as he responded, “Yeah extra, extra large bowl of miso ramen with 2 boiled eggs, double barbecued pork, fishcakes, beef, chicken, sprouts and a lobster claw.

Those I never suspected would. However, there is one dark figure in the quieter more citizenry area of the Leaf village that this story focuses on when it starts, as a lone dark cloaked figure wearing a white mask walked to a single residence to fulfill his objective for the night. Right now that man wasn’t home or at least not yet anyway having celebrated at a local bar over an occasion the masked warrior hated with a passion.

Entering the house was not difficult, as Hatake Kakashi was so well respected that not one citizen in Konoha would have the nerve to break into the man’s house, and possibly do something unspeakable to the veteran Shinobi. They never met him before The masked figure loved the darkness of this place wondering why in the world he spent so many years trying to be apart of the side that filled with light.

Durring that time Konoha fought a small war with Cloud and ended it nearly starting another one. It had also had alot of dangerous threats from outside forces as well as inside of it that nearly destroyed them. Most revolving around a certian blond hair, blue eyes, whiskered face boy.

Kurenai said “That that was amazing Naruto. You said that is basically your sexy no jutsu.” Naruto nods and Kurenai said “I wonder if it could be a bloodline.” Naruto said “No, I taught it to Konohamaru to help him knock out that closet pervert Ebisu.” Kurenai frowned and said “Well don’t teach it to anyone else.

Report Story Naruto was currently wondering how he could be so lucky, but he didn’t mind in the least. Pounding into the red eyed vixen known to all of Konoha as Kurenai the Genjutsu Mistress, Naruto knew that he couldn’t have a better life. Lathering her whole body in sweat and his essence, Naruto was suckling on her immense bosom. Moaning in pleasure, Kurenai only encouraged the teen, “Yes harder Naruto, please…” Never one to disappoint, Naruto increased his pace to fervor and was literally jack hammering into Kurenai.

Tsunade and Ayame weren’t lying about, they were being serviced by a few clones conjured up by the teen. Tsunade was being ridden and also slurping on a clone’s shaft, she was definitely enjoying herself. Grabbing at her enormous chest, the clones pounded away and also used her bosom to spray essence all over the woman’s body.


Naruto Dating Kurenai Fanfiction Posted on 12 април 0 Comment Author But when Naruto prevents her from taking her own life, Sakura realizes where her true feelings lay and thanks Naruto in a way he never bargained for.. Follows: bandages were set in, things were a lot easier as the Kyuubi then.



Fic Request Looking for Naruto x Yugao fics (Fanfiction) submitted 2 years ago by Danny I have read couple of Naruto x Kurenai, Naruto x Anko, and Naruto x Hana Inuzuka but I haven’t really read any Naruto x Yugao so any would be great:).